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Override The AngularJS Exception Handler

AngularJS is one of the hottest things around right now. Maybe you’re finding yourself getting pretty deep in its greatness and you’re ready to customize how exceptions are handled by default.

Lucky for us there is a way to override the default functionality and do whatever we want when an error happens.

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Use RegEx To Analyze Credit Card Numbers In JavaScript

RegEx is a powerful beast. Previously I wrote how to test password strength using JavaScript and regular expressions. This time we’ll take a look at how to check credit card providers based on the credit card number entered. No, this won’t test if a credit card number is legitimate, but it will test if it was entered correctly.

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Highlight Text In A String Using JavaScript And AngularJS

Have you ever wanted to highlight text in a string on a web page using AngularJS? If your answer was no, don’t disregard, because you may one day need to. The good thing is this is not very hard to accomplish.

There are many ways to do this using JavaScript, but we’re only going to examine one of those methods.

Using AngularJS and a few regular expressions (RegEx) with JavaScript, you can find text in a string and then apply your own customizations.

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Use RegEx To Test Password Strength In JavaScript

Recently one of my Twitter followers asked me how they might validate password strength using regular expressions (RegEx) in their code.

Regular expressions via Wikipedia:

A sequence of characters that forms a search pattern, mainly for use in pattern matching with strings, or string matching.

RegEx is nice because you can accomplish a whole lot with very little. In this case we are going to check various aspects of a string and see if it meets our requirements, being a strong or medium strength password.

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Make An AngularJS Library For The Imgur REST API

Imgur is a great image service for sharing and viewing images across the internet.

Since there is a lot of buzz around AngularJS lately and there isn’t already an AngularJS extension for the Imgur REST API, I decided to take it upon myself and start creating one.

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Using Oauth 2.0 In Your Web Browser With AngularJS

I have a few popular Oauth related posts on my blog. I have one pertaining to Oauth 1.0a, and I have one on the topic of Oauth 2.0 for use in mobile application development. However, I get a lot of requests to show how to accomplish an Oauth 2.0 connection in a web browser using only JavaScript and AngularJS.

We’re going to better explore the process flow behind Oauth 2.0 to establish a secure connection with a provider of our choice. In this particular example we’ll be using Imgur because I personally think it is a great service.

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Prerender Your AngularJS Apps To Boost SEO

A Twitter subscriber of mine recently asked me if I knew how to use Prerender with my AngularJS applications to boost SEO when being crawled by search engines. My immediate answer was no, but I offered to help him figure it out and write an article on it.

Prerendering AngularJS web apps is critical for SEO because when web crawlers such as Google crawl a web page, they do not process all the AngularJS source code and curly bracket elements. With prerendering enabled, a web crawler will see the actual value found in curly brackets rather than the variables themselves.

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