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Create Circular Images With Curved Text In Affinity Designer

As many of you know, I’ve been trying to expand the brand for The Polyglot Developer. I’ve redesigned the site, printed shirts, and even started creating stickers.

I’ve been printing circular stickers with Sticker Mule, and one thing that had been a real challenge is adding circular or curved text to them. It is nice to have the brand logo on the stickers, but until developers know what the logo is, it helps to have a website link as well.

This lead me to Affinity Designer, the much cheaper alternative to Adobe Illustrator, and the more polished alternative to Inkscape. We’re going to see how to create some nice images with curved text in Affinity Designer.

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Create A Podcast Episode With GarageBand For Mac

As you may know, I recently started two different podcasts. Let’s not confuse these with podcast episodes as I’m talking about shows. I started The Polyglot Developer Podcast and The NoSQL Database Podcast. Creating a podcast has been something I’ve been thinking about for a long time and it turns out it wasn’t very complicated to do.

Using GarageBand for Mac, which is free, I’m able to produce high quality podcast episodes with minimal amounts of time. The two shows that I produced have been very successful, so I thought I’d share my methods.

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Create A Screencast With QuickTime And iMovie 10

I publish many video tutorials to YouTube and Udemy, but have you ever wondered how I created them? I know there are a ton of people out there that have serious skills worth sharing, but may not know how to make a video tutorial. I plan to clear things up and demonstrate that making video screencasts isn’t all that difficult.

We’ll be using free software that ships on every Mac computer. We’ll be using QuickTime for recording our screens and iMovie 10 for editing the videos that were recorded.

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Great Tools To Improve Android Development

I’ve been developing Android apps for a few years now. During this time, I’ve had the opportunity to try a huge selection of software, some of which didn’t work as well as I’d hoped and some of which that exceeded my expectations.

Although these tools are my personal preference, I am confident they will change your Android development strategies and how you develop your apps.

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Use Font Awesome Shapes In Pixelmator

If you’re like me, Font Awesome somehow gets included in all of your projects. The graphics are crisp, and look great in all your artwork and applications. My go-to graphic editor is Pixelmator for Mac, and it lets you use Font Awesome with very little effort.

The following will show you how to add re-usable Font Awesome shapes to Pixelmator for use in any project.

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