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TPDP Episode #11: Continuous Integration And Deployment For The Polyglot Developer

Continuous integration (CI) and continuous deployment (CD) are terms that I hear thrown around quite frequently. I’ve been a software developer for a long time, but it is only recently that I’ve welcomed these terms into my life. CI and CD is the automated process of running various tasks such as unit testing or building a version controlled project. In this episode of The Polyglot Developer Podcast, I have guest speaker Ivan Nemytchenko, from GitLab, helping me explain what continuous integration is all about and why GitLab has gone ahead and made a completely free set of tools around it.

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TPDP Episode #10: All About The Google App Engine

There are a few different ways to host applications online. You can spin up your own VPS or container, but those are not easily scalable. Instead there is a nifty service called Google App Engine that is designed for scalable web applications at a very cheap price. In this episode of The Polyglot Developer Podcast, I have guest speaker Terry Ryan from Google to help spread the word on all the things Google App Engine can accomplish and why you should use it.

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TPDP Episode #9: An Ember In The Land Of Web Frameworks

We’re nearing the end of 2016 and there are many JavaScript frameworks available to choose from, with more on the way. Each framework offers a unique perspective of front-end development that can be very attractive to solo developers or development teams. This brings us to a very popular JavaScript framework called Ember.js. In this episode of The Polyglot Developer Podcast, I have guest speakers Tracy Lee and Taras Mankovski, who are both Ember experts.

Tracy Lee is a very successful JavaScript developer who sold her start-up and now focuses on her web organization Modern Web, which educates people on different development technologies. Taras Mankovski runs a very popular consulting business called Ember Sherpa which also educates businesses on the Ember.js framework. In the ninth episode of this podcast, An Ember in the Land of Web Frameworks, we explore Ember and the conveniences it offers in the realm of JavaScript and front-end development. This exploration includes tooling and comparisons against other popular frameworks like React and Angular.

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TPDP Episode #8: Asynchronous and Event-Based Programming with RxJS

When it comes to modern JavaScript development, there are a few different ways to handle asynchronous events or data. You could use promises and callbacks, but as great as they are, present certain limitations. This is where RxJS comes into play with its reactive programming model. In this episode of The Polyglot Developer Podcast, guest speaker Ben Lesh and I discuss RxJS and where it fits in modern JavaScript development, whether it be server-side or front-end.

Ben Lesh is a senior software engineer at the very popular entertainment streaming company, Netflix. One of Ben’s projects at Netflix includes the development and maintenance of RxJS since it is heavily used by the company. In the eighth episode, Asynchronous and Event-Based Programming with RxJS we discuss everything from what is RxJS, how it was inspired, who is using it, and why you should use it over a few of the alternative methods. If you’ve ever heard of RxJava or Rx.NET, these projects share some similarities to RxJS.

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TPDP Episode #7: Developing For The Internet Of Things (IoT) And Where To Start

When it comes to software development there are many different items to develop for. I’ve spent most of my developer life creating applications for the web, desktop, and mobile, but when it comes to possibilities it doesn’t end there. In recent years the Internet of Things (IoT) has been taking over. In this episode of The Polyglot Developer Podcast, guest speaker Jen Looper and I discuss the Internet of Things and what you need to get started as a developer.

Jen Looper is a developer advocate at Progress Software, but is also a huge advocate for IoT. In Episode #7: Developing for The Internet of Things (IoT) and Where to Start, we’re going to discuss quite a bit, covering everything from a background on IoT to possible development technologies for various hardware.

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TPDP Episode #6: PouchDB and its Usefulness in Development

As a web and mobile application developer, you may come to a point where you need to worry about data and how to synchronize it between devices in platforms. PouchDB is one of a few good solutions that makes this task significantly easier. In this episode of The Polyglot Developer Podcast, guest speaker Nolan Lawson and I discuss PouchDB and how it is being used in a lot of modern applications, both web and mobile.

Nolan Lawson is a Program Manager at Microsoft, but also one of the core contributors to the PouchDB open source project. In Episode #6: PouchDB and its Usefulness in Browser Based Development, we’re going to cover a lot of ground without actually showing how to use the database in your application. After all, this is an audio only podcast. You will however, be educated on a lot of the technical concepts and popular use cases behind the tool.

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TPDP Episode #5: Developing Mobile Apps with Telerik NativeScript

There are a lot of different ways to develop mobile applications. On my first two podcast episodes I discussed some of these app development solutions, but this time I’m doing a followup on one in particular. In this episode of The Polyglot Developer Podcast, guest speaker TJ VanToll and I are going to take a deeper look at Telerik NativeScript, who should be using it, and what separates it from the other frameworks that exist.

TJ VanToll is a Developer Advocate for Telerik and is working on making the NativeScript framework a success for developers and enterprises. In Episode #5: Developing Mobile Apps with Telerik NativeScript, we’re going to cover everything that can be covered without actually looking at code. I ask TJ questions that I often receive on my blog as well as at events.

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