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Upcoming Presentation: Silicon Valley Code Camp 2015

In case you’re interested in seeing me present on Node.js or Ionic Framework and Couchbase, I’ll be giving two talks at the free to attend Silicon Valley Code Camp in San Jose, California. It is the weekend of October 3rd to October 4th.

The title of my talks are Quick and Easy Development with Node.js and Couchbase Server and Cross Platform Storage & Sync with Couchbase and Ionic Framework. The abstracts for both these talks can be seen below.

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Upcoming Presentation: Phoenix Mobile Festival

In case I’m in your part of the world, I’ll be giving a talk at the Phoenix Mobile Festival in Phoenix, Arizona on September 19th, 2015. I encourage you to attend or at least swing by and say hello.

The title of my talk is Building Offline First Mobile Applications and the abstract is as follows:

What happens when your mobile device does not have a network connection? That device will have no content, no experience and the amazing application that you spent so much effort to build just simply will not work.

You will gain knowledge in NoSQL databases technologies and walk away with insights on how to create offline type of applications that to sync to the cloud with Couchbase Mobile.

This is a free event, so if you’re available and are interested in learning about mobile technologies, mark it on your calendar. Based on the listed agenda there are going to be a lot of fun topics.

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