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Upload Files To A Remote Web Service Via A Vue.js Web Application

A few weeks back I wrote about accepting file uploads in a Node.js application that uses Hapi framework. This was a followup to an article I wrote titled, Upload Files to Node.js Using Angular. What if we wanted to use a different front-end framework instead of Angular?

We’re going to take a look at using FormData and Vue.js to upload files, such as images, to a remote web service. Either of the two web services that we’ve previously created, whether it be with Hapi or Express, will work for this example.

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Navigate Nested Child Routes In A Vue.js Web Application

Not too long ago I had written a few tutorials around navigation in a Vue.js web application. I had written about navigating between routes as well as passing data between routes in the form of route parameters and query parameters.

When developing a web application with a successful user interface, you’re going to want to recycle as many features as possible. Using Vue.js, it is possible to create a multiple level UI by assigning child routes to a parent route within the application. This opens the door to new possibilities in navigation.

We’re going to see how to use nested routes in a Vue.js web application by assigning child routes and views.

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