Object Pooling For Efficiency

When it comes to computing, not all devices are created equal.  An action intense game that runs at 500 frames per second on a computer may only run at 12 frames per second on a mobile device.  To maximize your frame rate across all platforms it is very important to use your game resources efficiently.

One of the best things you can do for your game is to use object pooling.  This conserves resources by recycling a pre-defined set of objects rather than dynamically creating and destroying them as necessary. (more…)

Frames Per Second Prefab

When building a game, it is often a good idea to know your frames per second (fps) during the testing phase.  It is even more important to know this when building for mobile devices that may not have the high specifications that modern computers have.

The easiest method to have the frames per second display is to create a prefab that you can recycle across all your game scenes. (more…)