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Getting Familiar With Arrays And Vectors In C++

When it comes to the fundamentals of computer programming, arrays will almost always make an appearance. Being able to store a collection of values could be beneficial to a near endless amount of use-cases.

To continue the back to the basics programming series, in this tutorial we’ll explore standard arrays as well vectors which are a much more powerful alternative when it comes to C++.

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Sort An Integer Array With the Quicksort Algorithm And Java

Circling back to data structures and algorithms, we’re now going to take a look at the efficient sorting algorithm known as Quicksort.

Quicksort via Wikipedia:

Sometimes called partition-exchange sort, is an efficient sorting algorithm, serving as a systematic method for placing the elements of an array in order.

The idea behind Quicksort is to take a large array of values and divide it into two smaller arrays, doing this recursively, and swapping elements.

This is one of the fundamental algorithms you’ll learn in any computer science course. It is also a very good question that could be asked in a job interview for an engineering type position. I’m going to help you through it using Java.

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Solve A 2D Array Maze Using Recursion And JavaScript

To continue on the topic of popular interview questions for software engineering positions, I figured it might be appropriate to go over solving a maze that was created using a two-dimensional array.

A maze created from a 2D array can be solved using recursion similar to like we did for the previous Fibonacci article I made.

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Calculate If Duplicates Exist In An Array Using JavaScript

You’ll notice previously I did a post regarding the Fibonacci number, a popular interview question for programming jobs. To keep up with this trend of interview questions, we’re going to look into the different ways of finding duplicates in an array.

Finding array duplicates is a good question because it tests your knowledge of algorithm design and your understanding of various time complexities.

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