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Create Custom Shortcodes To Embed Content In Hugo Posts And Pages

I’ve mentioned this numerous times before, but The Polyglot Developer is powered by Hugo which is a static site generator that takes Markdown and converts it to HTML. While Markdown is easy to use and can accomplish quite a bit, the syntax doesn’t accomplish everything that you’d hope to accomplish when it comes to a website. For example audio and video aren’t a thing in Markdown while it is in HTML. So how do you add custom components to a Hugo article?

In Hugo, you can create what is called a shortcode, which is a custom tag that gets processed differently than standard Markdown syntax. We’re going to see how to create shortcodes to take Hugo posts and pages to the next level.

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Playing Audio In Your Android And iOS Ionic Framework App

One of my Twitter followers recently asked me to do a post regarding audio and Ionic Framework. Being the fiddler that I am, I decided to meet this request.

Using Ionic Framework, the Apache Cordova Media plugin, and ngCordova, we are going to make a very simple application with basic media controls.

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