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Password Hashing and JWTs for NativeScript Apps with an Express.js Backend

When building an application that allows users to have accounts, you have to ensure that access to these accounts is secure. When building a user account system, an important factor to keep in mind is how passwords are stored. Storing passwords as plain text is a complete rookie move that leaves your users vulnerable to all sorts of data breaches.

The best way to protect passwords is to employ hashing and salting and in this tutorial, we’ll show you exactly how to do this. We’ll also show you how to generate JSON Web Tokens (JWT) on a Node.js server backend that can be used to authenticate and authorize users, as well as how to store those tokens on the client NativeScript application.

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Hash Password Data In MongoDB With Mongoose And Bcrypt

When creating a web application that handles user information it is a good idea to protect anything considered sensitive rather than storing it as plaintext within a database. The goal is to make it as difficult as possible for a malicious person to obtain access to this sensitive information. Rather than encrypting sensitive information with the knowledge that it can one day become decrypted, it is better to hash this sensitive data instead because hashing is a one-way process.

In this tutorial we’re going to take a look at hashing password data with bcryptjs before storing it in a MongoDB NoSQL database with Mongoose and Node.js.

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Build A Password Manager For Android And iOS Using Ionic 2

Have you ever wanted to build your own password manager? Maybe you don’t trust the password management tools that already exist, or maybe you just want the experience. I personally use the tool 1Password, but many of my friends don’t trust the applications that exist on the market. It is a valid concern that they have. What if the password managers that exist are using an ancient or obsolete DES specification or similar, rather than the modern AES? What if the master passwords are not being hashed with a strong Bcrypt algorithm?

Not too long ago we created a password manager using the NativeScript framework, but what if we wanted to build one with a different technology.

We’re going to see how to build a password manager that makes use of the AES specification using Ionic 2 and Angular. This application will work for both Android and iOS and look great on both.

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Build A Password Manager For iOS And Android Using NativeScript

There are many password managers on the market right now for Android and iOS. I personally use a mobile application called 1Password, but what if you’re the type of person who doesn’t trust these companies with your sensitive passwords? The solution to this would be to build your own password management application, one where you know the algorithms and the logic. I mean, what if the available password managers are using DES encryption when they should be using AES? Best thing to do would be to do the job yourself.

We’re going to see how to develop a password manager for iOS and Android using the NativeScript framework by Progress Software. The application that we build will be completely functional, have a polished UI, and use all the best practices for cipher text and mobile development.

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