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Send And Manage DigiByte DGB Coins With Node.js

I’ve been spending a lot of time researching and watching the blockchain market because it is a very interesting subject matter. Not too long ago I had written an article titled, Create a Cross-Platform Desktop Ripple XRP Wallet with Vue.js and Electron, which focused on the Ripple, the banking network and cryptocurrency.

Ripple isn’t the only cryptocurrency that I’m following. I’m also following DigiByte, which targets digital payments and has the DGB coin. If you’re not familiar with DigiByte, the official wallet forces you to download around 12GB of data to synchronize with the network. It isn’t really appealing to anyone who just wants to sit on some DGB. The good news, is this can be avoided by building your own wallet and client.

We’re going to see how to build a DigiByte DGB client for storing, sending, and managing coins without having to synchronize with the network, using JavaScript and Node.js.

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