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Configure Visual Studio Code For C++ Development

I mentioned a few months ago that I was going to periodically go back to the basics when it comes to computer programming and application development. Building a Hello World Example C++ Application was a first example of what I was talking about. However, in this previous example, much of our work was done in a basic text editor, then compiled and ran with a Command Prompt or Terminal. It works, but it isn’t the most elegant.

In this tutorial we’re going to see how to configure a more modern IDE for C++ development. Visual Studio Code (VSC) actually has really nice support for C++, so we’re going to see how to configure it.

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Manually Setup NativeScript Without Use Of Provided Scripts

NativeScript is great. There is an easy setup process (at least for Windows, I unfortunately don’t have a Mac so I can’t speak on the MacOS side of things) that provides an executable that helps you through all the steps of setup. Unfortunately, like any automated setup process, things can go awry and stop your excitement on starting on your native apps with some errors that have little suggestion on how to move forward. This guide will help you go through the steps to install and use NativeScript manually, so whether you’re having difficulties with the simple setup, or want to customize a few things along the way, you’re ready to rock and roll.

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