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TPDP Episode #23: Being A Freelance Developer Contractor Or Consultant

I am pleased to announce that the latest episode of The Polyglot Developer Podcast has been published to iTunes and all of the other popular podcasting networks! Being in the development game is tough and the competition for work is fierce. You can go down the route of working for a company as a full-time or part-time employee, or you can operate on your own.

In the 23rd episode of the show titled, Being a Freelance Developer Contractor or Consultant, I’m joined by Nolan Erck, professional freelance consultant and owner of South of Shasta Consulting in Sacramento, CA.

The topic of this episode is working for yourself as a freelance developer consultant or contractor. In this episode Nolan and I explore everything from finding work, negotiating your rate, and ultimately accomplishing a task and building your reputation as a freelance developer.

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TPDP Episode #12: Getting the Developer Help You Need, Online

I am pleased to announce that the latest episode of The Polyglot Developer Podcast has been released to popular podcasting networks such as, but not limited to, iTunes and Pocket Casts. In this episode titled, Getting the Help You Need on Stack Overflow, Blogs, and Forum Boards, I revisit something I had discussed on this blog a few years back. The subject is on getting developer help, online.

Back in 2015 I wrote about the best ways to seek help on The Polyglot Developer. Both the podcast episode and blog post were inspired by a common set of questions that I would receive in the comments section of the blog. The common set of questions lack important information required to give a quality response.

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The Polyglot Developer Podcast

To help kick off the new year, I wanted to announce that I am creating a podcast titled The Polyglot Developer Podcast that will be released to iTunes as well as Pocket Casts.

You might have some questions regarding this, such as:

  • What is a podcast?
  • What will this podcast hope to accomplish?
  • How will this podcast differ from all my videos and written blog articles?

Let’s break it down and get everything cleared up on why you should care about the free podcast that I’m publishing!

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