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Use Sendy To Build And Maintain An Email List For Cheap

When you’re building a business, the experts all say that you should make your list building strategy a priority. Using social networks like Twitter and Facebook for your marketing is great, but those might not be around forever. Email has been around for a long time and it will likely exist a long time into the future as well.

I’ve briefly mentioned this before, but I’m currently using Sendy to manage my email subscribers and send out my monthly newsletter. However, I wasn’t always using Sendy to accomplish this task. For around a year, I was using Mailchimp, a similar product.

We’re going to see what Sendy is, how to use it, and why I’m using it over the various alternatives that exist.

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Send Emails With Mailgun Using Golang

When building an application of any kind, there may be a need to have it send emails. For example, let’s say you’re building a script and that script needs to send a report through email when it has completed. Or another example is a web application with a form for collecting user feedback. There are many more application scenarios beyond the two listed.

Now let’s say that you don’t have your own email server for sending emails.

Sending emails without a server is easy when you use a transactional email service like the Mailgun API. Through HTTP, emails can be sent from any application and for a very affordable price. We’re going to see how to send emails using Mailgun with Golang.

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