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Query A GraphQL API With Vue.js And Axios

I’ve written quite a bit of content around developing a GraphQL API with various programming technologies such as Node.js, Golang, and Java. Heck, I even wrote an eBook on the subject titled, Web Services for the JavaScript Developer. However, I haven’t really produced any content around interacting with those APIs using modern frameworks and client facing technologies, only cURL and Postman.

So how do you interact with a GraphQL API using something like Angular, React, or Vue.js?

There are a lot of frameworks to cover, but in this particular tutorial we’re going to see how to use Vue.js and simple JavaScript to interact with a GraphQL API.

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Analyze Stack Overflow Data With Golang And HTTP

I was recently tasked with a project where I needed to gather data from Stack Overflow so it could be easily evaluated without having to dig around the website. Stack Exchange has many REST APIs available, some of which that don’t even need tokens or authentication, so it came down to how I wanted to consume this data.

In this tutorial, we’re going to see how to consume question and comment data from the Stack Exchange API using Golang and then export it to comma separated value (CSV) for further evaluation.

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Consume Remote API Data Via HTTP In A Vue.js Web Application

When building a modern web application, chances are that you’ll need to consume data from some remote resource, whether it be one that you’ve built or something someone else built. Sending HTTP requests is one of the more popular ways to send data from client facing applications to RESTful API backends.

We’re going to see how to send HTTP requests within a Vue.js web application, using a variety of techniques such as those found in the popular axios and vue-resource libraries.

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Consume Remote API Data From Within A Node.js Application

Not too long I wrote about consuming remote API data using Golang. However, as you know, I’m also a heavy Node.js developer as well. So how do we issue HTTP requests from within a Node.js application and why might you want to. The simple answer is that you might want to consume someone else’s data within your web application and you can’t just do that like you would in a browser-based application using Ajax or similar.

We’re going to see how to make HTTP requests possible within Node.js.

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Consume RESTful API Endpoints Within A Golang Application

I am a huge fan of the Go programming language and have written a decent amount of material on the subject. For example, a popular tutorial I wrote titled, Create a Simple RESTful API with Golang, focuses on developing an API. However, I recently received questions on the subject of consuming data from other APIs from within a Go application.

We’re going to see how to issue HTTP requests from within Go, in an effort to consume or send data to other RESTful APIs that might exist on the internet.

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TPDP Episode #14: Object Storage for Application Developers

I am pleased to announce that the latest episode of The Polyglot Developer Podcast is now available to download from all the popular podcasting networks. In this episode titled, Object Storage for Application Developers, I’m joined by Krishna Srinivas from Minio to talk about what object storage is and the various solutions that are available.

Episode #14 can be downloaded for free from iTunes, Pocket Casts, and every other popular network, but it can also be heard below.

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Build An RSS Reader Mobile App With NativeScript And Angular

Rich site summary (RSS) feeds are very common on blogs or sites that have a publication type feed. These feeds are in XML format and have information such as the publication title, a summary, or other bits of information that is rather useful. There are plenty of mobile applications on Google Play and iTunes that support the aggregation of RSS feeds, but have you ever wanted to build your own? Maybe you want to create your own news application based on your own algorithms, or maybe your company has a mobile application and you’d like to include a blog section to the mobile app. Whatever the need may be, doing so is not difficult.

We’re going to see how to use Angular, Yahoo’s YQL language, and NativeScript to build a fully native RSS feed reader for Android and iOS.

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