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Create An Android Launcher Icon Generator RESTful API With Node.js, And Jimp

When you’re developing an Android mobile application, it is critical that you come up with a nice launcher icon for all possible Android screen densities. If you’re not too familiar with Android, there are mdpi, hdpi, xhdpi, xxhdpi, and xxxhdpi densities as of now. This number could change in the future.

Once you’ve got your icon, resampling or resizing it for each possible screen density can become a pain in the butt. Instead, it makes sense to use or create a script for this.

If you’ve been keeping up, you’ll remember I wrote about image generators in an article titled, Generating Splash Screens and Application Icons for NativeScript Mobile Apps. Since we’re talented developers, we’re going to create our own service this time around.

We’re going to see how to create a RESTful API that accepts an image and generates various sizes of that same image, bundled within a ZIP archive. We’re going to accomplish this task with Node.js and Express.

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Use Font Awesome Icons In Your Ionic 2 Android And iOS App

Creating your own in-app icons can be a real pain. Having to worry about all the different Android and iOS icon sizes is not a pleasant task, specially when web developers have it easy with icon packs like Font Awesome. Lucky for us, Ionic is a mobile web application, so we can enjoy the same benefits that web developers have.

Previously, I demonstrated how to include Font Awesome into an Ionic Framework 1 application, but that version of the framework is becoming old news because Ionic 2 is stealing the spotlight.

This time around we’re going to see how to use the 400+ icon fonts that Font Awesome offers in our Ionic 2 Android and iOS application.

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Use Font Awesome Glyph Icons With NativeScript

If you’re like me, you’re terrible when it comes to design and that includes graphic design. Creating icons throughout an app can be a rough process, not just from a creativity perspective, but also from the perspective of displaying these icons on various screen sizes and resolutions. Web developers have it easy with the incredibly useful Font Awesome glyph icon package. The thing is, it isn’t just web developers that can make use of Font Awesome.

It is very easy to include Font Awesome in your Telerik NativeScript mobile application. I already demonstrated using these glyph icons in an Ionic Framework, React Native, and even a native Android application. Now it’s time to do it with NativeScript.

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Use Font Awesome Glyph Icons With Ionic Framework

In a previous article I explained how to use Font Awesome glyph icons in your native Android application. Ionic Framework ships with IonicIcons included, but what if you wanted to include Font Awesome or any other font for that matter?

The following will show you how to include Font Awesome into your Android and iOS Ionic Framework project.

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