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Getting Familiar With Loops In C++

In this back to the basics tutorial, we’re going to be exploring loops in C++, something that you’ll take with you well into your software development career, regardless of programming language. The content in this tutorial is targeted at new developers or those that would like to start learning C++.

So when might you want to use a loop? If you need to perform a repetitive task of any kind, a loop is probably going to be want you want to use.

In this tutorial we’re going to explore for loops, while loops, and do-while loops using the C++ programming language.

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Waiting For A Loop Of Async Functions To Finish In Node.js

At the moment Node.js is my web development language of choice, but occasionally I come across something that really grinds my gears. I sometimes find that I’ve fallen into an async hell that screws up a lot of things. For example, maybe I’ve designed an API endpoint that makes a few requests to external services. Before returning data to the client (user), manipulations must be done on the external service data requested. How do we do all this?

Let’s take a look how we would cover these scenarios.

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Make A Gallery-Like Image Grid Using Ionic Framework

I recently started making an application with Ionic Framework that made heavy use of images both remotely and locally. During this time, my goal was to present the images in a grid that looks good for all device sizes and orientations.

One might think this would be an easy task because Ionic offers both grids and a responsive class, however, trivial was far from the case. Instead I had to go to my programming roots and create some display logic when looping through my arrays of images. The following guide will show exactly what I had to do.

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