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TPDP Episode #29: Asynchronous JavaScript Development

The latest episode of The Polyglot Developer Podcast has just published, this time focusing on the use of callbacks, promises, and async / await, in JavaScript.

This episode titled, Asynchronous JavaScript Development, is the twenty-ninth episode to appear on the show and it features Corbin Crutchley, an expert JavaScript developer and open source maintainer.

If you’ve ever struggled with wrapping your head around working with remote resources or blocking tasks in JavaScript, this episode should clear things up.

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Waiting For A Loop Of Async Functions To Finish In Node.js

At the moment Node.js is my web development language of choice, but occasionally I come across something that really grinds my gears. I sometimes find that I’ve fallen into an async hell that screws up a lot of things. For example, maybe I’ve designed an API endpoint that makes a few requests to external services. Before returning data to the client (user), manipulations must be done on the external service data requested. How do we do all this?

Let’s take a look how we would cover these scenarios.

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