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3 Of The Best Frameworks For Mobile App Development In 2018

Mobile development is a necessity for every modern business, but there are many ways to get the job done. Many will tell you to go pure native, some will tell you to go hybrid, and others will tell you to use a framework to go cross-platform native.

We’re going to review my top three picks for mobile development frameworks that will thrive in the 2018 year.

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TPDP Episode #2: Picking the Right Mobile Development Technology for Your Needs

In this episode of The Polyglot Developer Podcast I discuss the differences between native and hybrid mobile application development and my experience in both. Episode #2: Picking the Right Mobile Development Technology for Your Needs covers quite a bit and is broken into the following four sections:

  1. My background as a mobile application developer
  2. What is native mobile application development
  3. What is hybrid mobile application development
  4. How do you choose between the two types of mobile application development

This podcast episode is heavily based on my opinion, but I try to keep it honest based on my experience as a developer.

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Top 5 Hybrid App Bloggers To Follow 2015

There are a lot of blogs out there on the internet and many on the topic of hybrid mobile app development. By hybrid mobile app development I am talking about technologies like Apache Cordova, Phonegap, Ionic Framework, and React Native. Basically all the technologies for building applications using web technologies. However, when it comes to blogs, not all are created equal.

This article is more of a personal opinion than anything, but I’m going to list off five blogs / bloggers that I feel deserve a shout out based on the quality of their material.

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Implement A Barcode Scanner Using React Native

Previously I wrote about using the device camera in your React Native mobile application. However, what if we wanted to go a step further and start scanning barcodes?

This is not a problem because the react-native-camera component we used in the last tutorial also supports barcode scanning.

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Access The Native Device Clipboard In React Native

Keeping up the trend of React Native coolness, I figured it would be a good idea to see how to access the native device clipboard. I had already demonstrated the device clipboard with Ionic Framework so it would only be fair to accomplish the same with React Native as well.

Out of the box with React Native you won’t be able to access the clipboard. You’re going to have to install a component, and lucky for us, one such component exists. We are going to check out the react-native-clipboard component by Fishfly.

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Add Glyph Icons To Your React Native Mobile App

Out of the box mobile platforms, and even React Native for that matter, don’t ship with a very large selection of icons. If we’ve chosen to use React Native as our development framework then we’re lucky that there is a great component that can be added to give us thousands of icons for use in our application.

Previously I wrote about how to use Font Awesome in an Ionic Framework and native Android applications. This time we’re going to see the same using React Native and the react-native-icons component by Cory Smith.

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Using Navigator Routes In Your React Native Application

When creating a mobile application, chances are at some point in time you’re going to want to have more than one application view or screen. In many programming languages this is referred to as application routes.

With React Native, the navigator is used to switch between screens.

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