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Navigate Nested Child Routes In A Vue.js Web Application

Not too long ago I had written a few tutorials around navigation in a Vue.js web application. I had written about navigating between routes as well as passing data between routes in the form of route parameters and query parameters.

When developing a web application with a successful user interface, you’re going to want to recycle as many features as possible. Using Vue.js, it is possible to create a multiple level UI by assigning child routes to a parent route within the application. This opens the door to new possibilities in navigation.

We’re going to see how to use nested routes in a Vue.js web application by assigning child routes and views.

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Create A Simple RESTful API With Golang

Most modern applications have separation between the backend and the frontend layers. The backend is typically a RESTful API and is critical part of full stack development. These APIs are generally further broken down into a collection of routes, often referred to as endpoints. Building applications like this is often very clean and maintainable in comparison to mashing everything into a single application.

I have been creating RESTful APIs with a variety of programming languages, for example Node.js and Java, but lately I’ve been doing a lot of research on the Go programming language. It is fast and very solid programming language that every seems to be talking about. Because of this it only made sense to see what it took to build a RESTful API with Go, often referred to as Golang.

We’re going to see what it takes to build a simple API that does basic CRUD operations using the Go programming language.

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