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Build An Alexa Skill With Golang And AWS Lambda

It has been a few years since I last worked on and published an application, otherwise known as a Skill, for Alexa powered voice assistants. My last Skill titled, BART Control, was built out of necessity because of my commuting on the Bay Area Rapid Transit system. While I didn’t open source it, I had created the Skill with Node.js and a publicly available BART web service. Since then I had written a tutorial titled, Create an Amazon Alexa Skill Using Node.js and AWS Lambda, which also focused on Node.js.

I’m a huge fan of Golang and was pleased to see that AWS Lambda recently started to officially support it. AWS Lambda isn’t a requirement to creating Alexa Skills, but it is a huge convenience. To make things even better, Amazon recently sent me an invitation to take part in their developer offer to receive an Amazon Echo Show for publishing another Skill. The offer and Golang inspired me to develop another Skill and this time I wanted to share my process.

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Build An RSS Reader Mobile App With NativeScript And Angular

Rich site summary (RSS) feeds are very common on blogs or sites that have a publication type feed. These feeds are in XML format and have information such as the publication title, a summary, or other bits of information that is rather useful. There are plenty of mobile applications on Google Play and iTunes that support the aggregation of RSS feeds, but have you ever wanted to build your own? Maybe you want to create your own news application based on your own algorithms, or maybe your company has a mobile application and you’d like to include a blog section to the mobile app. Whatever the need may be, doing so is not difficult.

We’re going to see how to use Angular, Yahoo’s YQL language, and NativeScript to build a fully native RSS feed reader for Android and iOS.

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Build An RSS Reader Mobile App With Ionic 2 And Angular

If you’re a long time follower of my blog you’ll remember I wrote an article about creating an RSS reader using Ionic Framework. That tutorial not only used the first version of Ionic Framework, but it now also uses a deprecated Google service, once known as the Google Feed API. Because of the deprecated API, it no longer works.

I still get a lot of people asking me about the creation of RSS readers, so I figured it was time to come up with a new solution. With Ionic 2 being all the rage, it makes sense to explore feeds with this version of the framework.

Here we’ll be building an RSS feed reader for Android and iOS using Ionic 2 and Angular with TypeScript.

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Create An RSS Reader Using AngularJS And Ionic Framework

This article was designed to help you apply your knowledge of AngularJS and Ionic Framework and create a functional app rather than learn new concepts.

This tutorial should help you with the following concepts:

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