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Manage Sessions Over HTTPS With Node.js And Vue.js

A long time ago when I had been exploring session management in Node.js, I had written a tutorial titled, Session Management in Your Express.js Web Application. This was a basic tutorial that is still very functional today, however little things have changed since then when it comes to how the web works. For example, in 2015 HTTPS was never a requirement and we weren’t exposed to all the frontend web frameworks that exist today.

When you start introducing things into your web applications such as HTTPS or micro-services that operate on different origins or ports, or frontend frameworks, session management can get a little more complicated. We’re going to see how to maintain a session for a user using Node.js with Express.js on our backend and Vue.js on our frontend, in this tutorial.

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Session Management In Your Express.js Web Application

I’ve still been doing a lot of fiddling with Express web framework for Node.js. I recently ran into an issue with saving data to sessions because much of the documentation online is outdated and no longer functional. However, I did get it working, and am going to discuss it in this guide.

If you’re not familiar with Express, you may want to take a moment and read my other article regarding installation.

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