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TPDP Episode #27: Static Website Generation with Hugo

I am pleased to announce that the latest episode of the Polyglot Developer Podcast has been published and is now available on all of the major podcast networks!

As many of you know, The Polyglot Developer is a static website composed of strictly HTML, JavaScript and CSS. There is no backend technology, no database, nothing dynamic, and as a result it is fast, cheap to operate, and easy to maintain.

This episode, Static Website Generation with Hugo, will shed some light into static site generation and how it differs and is advantageous over the popular alternatives such as WordPress and Drupal.

There are many static site generators available, but the focus of this episode is on Hugo, a popular generator because of its speed and functionality. To talk about Hugo, the core maintainer of the open source project, Bjørn Erik Pedersen, is on the show.

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Serve Your Web Applications With Minimal Effort Using Caddy

I’ve been in the web game for quite some time and have my fair share of web server software. I’ve used Microsoft’s Internet Information Services (IIS), Apache httpd, as well as NGINX, and while they all thrive in their own ways, they’ve been overkill for most of my use cases. This is where Caddy comes in, a lightweight alternative to these seasoned, but often heavy web servers.

We’re going to see how to use Caddy and learn why it is so powerful while using minimal effort on a developer operations side.

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The Polyglot Developer Has A New Look

Back in 2014 I started The Polyglot Developer on WordPress with the intention of documenting what I learn and helping others in the process. However, back then, it was not called The Polyglot Developer, but instead Nic Raboy’s Code Blog. The blog was later rebranded in early 2016, but the look and feel stayed the same.

I am pleased to announce the new version of The Polyglot Developer and a few important things that have changed with this version 2 release.

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All About Java Modifier Keywords

I’ve been a Java programmer for a while now, however, recently someone asked me a question regarding one of Java modifier keywords and I had no clue what it was. This made it obvious to me that I needed to brush up on some Java that goes beyond actual coding and algorithms.

After a few Google searches, I got bits and pieces on the topic, but never really the full story, so I’m using this post as a way to document the subject. This is a great interview question to test your computer science book-smarts.

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