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TPDP Episode #29: Asynchronous JavaScript Development

The latest episode of The Polyglot Developer Podcast has just published, this time focusing on the use of callbacks, promises, and async / await, in JavaScript.

This episode titled, Asynchronous JavaScript Development, is the twenty-ninth episode to appear on the show and it features Corbin Crutchley, an expert JavaScript developer and open source maintainer.

If you’ve ever struggled with wrapping your head around working with remote resources or blocking tasks in JavaScript, this episode should clear things up.

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Download Remote Files Without A Browser In Android

There is often a scenario where you need to download files from a server onto the Android device. This needs to be done without forcing the user to launch a web browser and have interaction as some of the downloaded data might be private. Let’s use the scenario where you’ve made a game and you have in-app purchases. You want to keep the size of the game small for everyone so you decide to put the purchase items on your server. When a user purchases an item then the item will be downloaded in the background. This is a perfect usage example.

For purposes of the tutorial we will be staying simple. We will be downloading a remote image in the background and then displaying it when it has finished downloading.

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