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Write Blog Articles In Markdown On The Polyglot Developer

As you may or may not know, The Polyglot Developer is happy to accept guest contributions from the developer community. To find out more, check out the article titled, Write Guest Articles on The Polyglot Developer Blog. With that said, I’ve been receiving a lot of questions regarding Markdown, the format in which these blog articles are crafted.

The Polyglot Developer uses Hugo which is similar to Jekyll in the sense that articles are written in Markdown and then built into HTML. Don’t worry, Markdown is not bad and you’ll see how much more convenient it is than writing in other formats.

We’re going to get a quick look at producing content in Markdown so it can be published on the web.

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Premium Members Only Content Is Coming To The Polyglot Developer

Back in 2014 I started blogging on The Polyglot Developer which was previously known as Nic Raboy’s Code Blog. Since then I’ve published more than 250 blog articles, more than 100 video tutorials, and even three premium courses. The Polyglot Developer is evolving again, this time with premium members only content in addition to the free content I plan to continue to produce.

Here we’re going to see about what is coming on this blog and how it can benefit you, the awesome developer and loyal subscriber to my content.

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