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Take A Minute To Follow Me On Social Media

You may or may not know it, but I am very active on various social media outlets as well as this developer blog. Since I don’t give out my email address, social media is a great way to communicate with me if the comments section of this blog isn’t relevant.

I want this to be an opportunity for all my subscribers to take a moment to follow me on social media if they are not already. I’ll explain why this is a good idea after listing the channels that I’m a part of.

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Understanding Request Signing For Oauth 1.0a Providers

I am very familiar with Oauth 2.0, but recently I had to work with Twitter and it was not as smooth of an experience as other providers such as Google and Facebook. This is because Twitter uses Oauth 1.0a and requires request signing.

Oauth 1.0a requires requests to be signed using HMAC and a secret key. Using this protects communication between the client and the server, but how do we accomplish this task?

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