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Building a Simple Web Application in Dart

Dart is a programming language developed by Google and made popular by Flutter, their mobile development framework for cross-platform application development.

The Dart language is a general-purpose language, built to be used for far more than just mobile development, and, in this short tutorial, I will show you how to build a basic web application, using Dart.

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Using NW.js To Convert A Website Into A Desktop Application

A while ago, I ran into a situation where I needed to make web application into a desktop application for a corporate client. The idea was to leverage as much of the existing app as possible, while still meeting the requirement of having a “desktop” application.

As a primarily Java developer, I had no idea how to do this, so I started doing research and found out that my best bet would be using JavaScript technologies.

Enter NW.js, a powerful mashup of Google Chrome and Node.js that allows you to package a web application to be run on the desktop.

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Angular Route Guards For Authorization In A Web And Mobile Application

You’re about to release your new Angular web app. It’s a photo sharing site and you want to test it, so you send a link to it to your hacker sister. She’s always messing with your stuff and she found out the URL to your admin page you added to your web app. Before you know it, she’s flushed your database using a button on that admin page that you didn’t restrict access to. Not a problem when using development data - but I’m sure your users wouldn’t be any too keen on a service where they lost all of their data. Let’s fix that

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Simple User Login in a Vue.js Web Application

Sometimes the best examples towards learning a new framework is through a simple user login sample. Login involves many concepts, including forms, data binding, routing, and potentially HTTP to a remote service, all of which are core concepts in any web application.

We’re going to see how to implement a simple login form in a web application that uses the Vue.js JavaScript framework.

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Create A Basic Todo List Application With The Vue.js Framework

When getting started with a new development technology or framework, a basic todo list style application is often in the examples used for learning. It makes a great example because todo lists often make use of a variety of things such as forms, loops, and other binding events, all while remaining short and easy.

We’re going to see how to create a very basic todo list that demonstrates components, form binding, loops, and click events, using the Vue.js JavaScript framework.

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Pass Data Between Routes In A Vue.js Web Application

A few weeks ago I had written about creating routes and navigating a Vue.js web application. It was a basic example of getting around in an application.

Often, when building navigation into your application, you’ll find that you need to pass data from one screen to another. For example, maybe you’re following the master-detail pattern where you have a list of data and you get more information about a particular item in the list by drilling deeper.

We’re going to see how to pass data between routes in a Vue.js web application using a router and URL parameters as well as query parameters.

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Use A Router To Navigate Between Pages In A Vue.js Application

When building a modern web application, being able to navigate between pages is a necessity. Not to mention it is very important to be able to do so easily. To make this possible, frameworks such as Angular, React, and Vue use what’s known as a router and a set of routes. Each possible point of navigation, or page, is a route with its own configuration.

We’re going to see how to configure a set of routes and navigate between them using Vue.js and the vue-router library.

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