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Admate for Chartboost Released

In an effort to improve the efficiency of Chartboost users, I’ve released a mobile application titled Admate for Chartboost.  Admate makes use of the Chartboost API in order to deliver app and campaign analytics directly to your mobile device.

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Measure your publisher and advertiser analytics with Admate for Chartboost. See how well your ads are performing and how much your apps are earning in this quick and easy to use application.


  • Quick access to total account earnings and balance
  • Transfer funds from earnings total to advertising balance
  • Easy to understand app and campaign listings
  • Organized views of installs, clicks, and impressions
  • View daily, weekly, or monthly analytics

Download it from the following mobile app stores

Google Play –
iTunes –

Nic Raboy

Nic is a skilled application developer who has released several native and hybrid mobile applications to iTunes and Google Play. He writes about his development experiences related to making web and mobile app development easier to understand and has experience in Android, Node.js, Apache Cordova, Java, NoSQL, SQL, GoLang, NativeScript, and Unity3D.