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Sponsorship Opportunities

Do you have a business that is relevant to the material posted on The Polyglot Developer? Want to boost your traffic, grow your brand, and build your online presence? There are sponsorship opportunities available for you!

The Polyglot Developer and all of its channels receive tremendous amounts of traffic monthly. With a strong search engine ranking and loyal audience, this becomes a perfect opportunity for sponsorship.

Take a look at the following opportunities, and if you’re interested, send an email to contact@thepolyglotdeveloper.com.

Want your brand logo to appear on the homepage of The Polyglot Developer as well as the bottom of this page? This is another great way to get brand recognition for your company.

If you’d like your brand logo to appear, here are the options:

Monthly: $50 / Month

Annually: $500 / Year

In addition to appearing on two pages of The Polyglot Developer, you’ll be given shout-outs that you’re sponsoring to our Twitter and Facebook audience.

Web Advertising

The Polyglot Developer website has three (3) locations for advertisements. If you’d like a banner advertisement to appear on the site, here are the options:

Tier 1: $500 / Month

Tier 2: $300 / Month

Tier 3: $200 / Month

Each tier represents a different possible advertisement location.

By including your ads on The Polyglot Developer, you are getting your brand in front of a fantastic and very diverse developer audience.

The client is responsible for creating the banner content.

Twitch Advertising

Live-streaming is the next generation of content production and consumption for developers. We have a channel on Twitch that’s accepting sponsors.

Monthly: $100 / Month

When sponsoring the Twitch channel, your banner advertisement will make an appearance for ten (10) seconds, every thirty (30) minutes during a stream. When the banner advertisement appears, a link to your site will be displayed in the chat which will also be seen in the video of the stream.

Each stream is recorded and published to YouTube shortly after. Your banner and link will remain in the video for as long as the video is on YouTube.

The client is responsible for creating the banner content.

YouTube Sponsor

When choosing to sponsor YouTube videos, you’ll be receiving one (1) shout-out as well as one (1) visual popover with your information towards the beginning of the video.

Video: $100 / Video

The sponsorship shout-out and visual information will remain in the video for as long as it exists on YouTube.

The client is responsible for providing any visuals beyond plaintext for the informative popover within the video.


When choosing to sponsor The Polyglot Developer Podcast, you’ll be receiving a shout-out at the end of a one (1) particular podcast episode. In these shout-outs I’ll mention your company, what you do, and what you’re trying to offer subscribers.

If you’d like to sponsor an episode, here are the options:

Podcast: $50 / Episode

The promotion will be integrated into the podcast episode and will exist for as long as the podcast episode remains online.

Email Newsletter

Every month a newsletter goes out on things that had happened the month prior. This is your chance to get your brand and messaging out to all the subscribers.

If you’d like your company name and a short description to show up in the monthly newsletter, here are the options:

Email: $50 / Newsletter

There are no positioning options, but as a courtesy to you, there is only one sponsor allowed in any given newsletter. This means that your organization will hold the focus.

Advertising your product and services through banner ads and commercials might not be enough. Sponsored blog articles are a way to help get the word out through tutorials or other educational material.

If you’d like to write a sponsored article and have it appear on The Polyglot Developer, here are the options:

Client: $300 / Article

Think of a sponsored article as a guest post. You’ll write something of any length, and it will appear on The Polyglot Developer while benefiting from the high search traffic and page rank that it holds.

As further incentive, your article will be promoted on Twitter and Facebook as well as being mentioned in the monthly newsletter.

Build Your Own Sponsorship

We receive a lot of requests for custom forms of sponsorship. For example, we get a lot of requests to alter existing tutorials to include new links, media, etc., because the client found them to be popular with their SEO research.

To set things straight, we don’t offer any custom forms of sponsorship. The options you see above are all that we offer as of right now.

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