There are quite a few tools that I use to operate my programming blog and other websites.  I recommend these tools to everyone and if you’re interested in giving them a shot, use any of the affiliate links that I provided and you’ll receive discounts or credits towards your purchase.  I too will receive credit for your purchase, so everyone wins!

Digital Ocean Resource

Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean is a virtual private server (VPS) host where you can host web servers among other things.  They provide you with blazing fast virtual machines at affordable prices.  I personally use Digital Ocean for my programming blog (the one you’re on) because it offers me the performance I need for the amount of traffic that I receive.

If you sign up for Digital Ocean using my affiliate link we will both receive credit towards our hosting account.

Namecheap Resource


Namecheap offers domain name hosting and SSL certificates for websites.  They are cheap and have pretty good customer service which is rare in a lot of companies.  I formally used GoDaddy, but now use Namecheap for all my domain names and SSL certificates.

If you are planning to purchase a service through Namecheap, use my affiliate link and you will receive discounts towards your purchase.

Trello Resource


Trello is a free project management tool good for use on a team or independently.  It works by allowing you to have columns of categories that you can assign cards to.  These cards are most likely tasks to be moved between the columns which might represent statuses.  I personally use Trello for managing my businesses and it has proven to be an invaluable resource for productivity.

If you sign up for Trello using my affiliate link I will receive credit towards larger file uploads.



Linode is another virtual private server (VPS) host, similar to Digital Ocean.  Linode has different pricing and different features than Digital Ocean, but they both accomplish pretty much the same thing in the end.  You get great performance at very affordable prices and I couldn’t recommend it more.

If you sign up to Linode through my affiliate link, I will receive some credit towards my hosting.