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TPDP Episode #26: Game Development With Houdini

The latest episode of The Polyglot Developer Podcast has been published and it is the first one on the show to be on the topic of game development!

In episode twenty-six titled, Game Development with Houdini, I’m joined by Ben Mears from SideFX, the company that is responsible for Houdini.

In case this is your first time hearing of Houdini, it is a system that allows you to create procedural, node-based workflows, for generating game assets and terrains. Houdini is used in many of the top rated games and significantly reduces parts of the game development time.

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How To Come Up With An App Idea And Execute In Development

I’ve been developing applications both as a hobby and professionally for quite some time now. I’ve released top ranking mobile applications to the various app stores and even sold the rights to applications.

One question I get asked quite a bit is in regards to how I come up with those ideas and execute on them for a successful release. Being a solid developer is one thing, but having a solid plan is another.

I’m going to share my process so you can be more successful with your web and mobile application releases.

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TPDP Episode #3: Developer Tools that can Make You More Productive Towards Your Next Release

In this episode of The Polyglot Developer Podcast I sit down with two of my good friends, Raymond Camden and Simon Reimler, and discuss developer tools and strategies for being successful. Episode #3: Developer Tools that can Make You More Productive Towards Your Next Release covers a lot of ground and is broken up into three main sections:

  1. What tools are used for planning, prior to development and design
  2. What tools are used for developing and designing an application all the way to release
  3. What tools are used for maintaining and driving the success of a released application

This podcast episode is not specific to any programming language or release platform. In other words, whether your a web developer, mobile app developer, or game designer, you will be able to find this information valuable.

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EZ Analytics for Android Released

I am pleased to announce my first Unity3D plugin is now available for download. EZ Analytics for Android offers Unity3D developers a native solution for Google Analytics with as little as two lines of code.

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Creating An Android Java Plugin For Unity3D

Unity3D offers a ton of great features for Android projects, but often there are gaps that must be filled with plugins.

Let’s take the example of Toast popups for Android. In your game you might like to show a popup message that explains an error, or states that you are signed in to a server.

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Monetize with Chartboost

I’ve recently switched from using Admob in my games to Chartboost. This switch made sense because most of the ads that were filling with Admob were not relevant to gaming. For example, many of the ads Turbo Prop was receiving were dating and real-estate related. This resulted in very poor eCPM.

The following is a great (and quick) way to get Chartboost ads for iOS and Android in your Unity3D 4.3+ game.

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Floppy Clone Released

With the intention of writing a tutorial, I’ve gone ahead and created a Flappy Bird clone in Unity3D and named it Floppy Clone. The source code and all assets to this project can be found on GitHub.

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