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TPDP Episode #31: Developer Education through Books, Video Courses, and Conferences

I’m pleased to announce that the 31st episode of The Polyglot Developer Podcast, featuring Adrienne Tacke and Alex Ziskind, has published to all of the popular podcast networks.

This episode, titled Developer Education through Books, Video Courses, and Conferences, shares the personal stories of three developers when it comes to how they learn and expand their skill arsenal, as well as how they use their knowledge to produce content for other developers to consume in the format of books and courses.

Adrienne, Alex, and myself share some publishing options and the amount of work that goes into each, with the end goal of honing our skills and helping out other developers.

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TPDP Episode #30: Building a Developer Community with Meetups

The thirtieth episode of The Polyglot Developer Podcast is now available on the popular podcast networks! This episode is titled, Building a Developer Community with Meetups, and it features Vijay Menon, organizer of the JavaScriptLA Meetup group in Los Angeles, California.

Being a part of a developer community, outside of a day job, is important for all developers. Developer communities offer many benefits, some of which include learning about new and modern technologies or expanding your depth of knowledge on seasoned technologies.

Education is only one of the benefits, but Vijay and I explore many in this episode of the podcast, as well as building your own communities.

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A Recap Of CES 2019

This past week I had the honor of attending the consumer electronics show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada. This had been a lifelong goal of mine to attend the event and get a firsthand look at all the latest and greatest technology releasing in 2019.

While mostly unrelated to development and the material typically found on The Polyglot Developer, I wanted to give a summary of the event with some of the things I enjoyed and some of the things I didn’t about the event.

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Tracy Developer Meetup in California

After having thought about it for quite some time, I’ve finally decided to start a developer user group in my home town of Tracy, California. This group titled, The Tracy Developer Meetup, was started to give developers living outside of the Bay Area, a chance to collaborate with other developers in the same position.

If you’re unfamiliar with Tracy, it is a town about 1.5 hours from San Francisco and Mountain View, but significantly more affordable and home to many engineers that commute to the Bay Area for work.

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Native To Hybrid And Back Again

I was recently attending NativeScript Developer Day 2017 in New York City, which is Telerik’s very own NativeScript conference.

This was a fantastic conference where I was not only a participant, but also a speaker at the event. At this event I had given a fresh presentation titled, Native to Hybrid and Back Again, where I had discussed my own personal experiences when it came to mobile application development.

NativeScript Developer Day 2017 Presentation

I want to take the opportunity to summarize what I discussed during this event and share the slides that went with my presentation.

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Webinar Series: Building A CEA2N And NativeScript Application

Today I have finished the final episode of a five-part webinar series on the subject of Couchbase, Express Framework, Angular, and Node.js (CEA2N) application development. This webinar series has been going on for the past five weeks where each week I covered a new topic relative to the stack leading up to a NativeScript mobile application.

Each episode of this webinar was recorded and can be viewed for free here. This is some premium content!

An episode breakdown and project source code can be seen below.

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